Stan Is Judgy About Other People’s Fashion Choices Despite Dressing Like Mabel Pines For Work, #25

A continuation from the last comic.

Look, sometimes, being human is difficult for some of us. If you spend two weeks being Very Social Indeed and it turns out your “ability to cope” meter has gone from yellow into flashing red, the only real solution is to spend a night getting hammered in the safety of your own home and calling your friend and analyzing the lyrics from “Going To Cleveland” line by line, explaining to her how this is totally about you.

*quiet, ashamed sigh*

Victory Punch is Vodka And Stuff with bonus Blue Curacao for a patriotic color.

Being human is hard.

1. Clearly I will never use anyone else’s real name here ever. Bartender and Kitten will hereafter be known by their professions.

2. Perfectly Nice Third Roomie has a name, but at least twice, I’m unable to remember it and my brain supplies “whatserface.” No, brain, that is horrible.

3. Let me remind you that these are drawn on the subway.The NYC Subway system is not the smoothest of rides.

Death, taxes, and drunk Stan texting because drunk Stan is easily bored.